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Actually fun fact when you spank a cat's butt the vibrations stimulate the cat's prostate so you can actually make a cat cum by patting their butts. It's like a whole genre of video on YouTube.

Please remake this video with that in mind. Thank

Wow, man. The writing, animation, and voice acting was all incredibly well done! I'm seriously blown away by the quality of this, you've come a long way to say the least.

Anyway great job all around. Can't wait to see where the series goes!

Fuck that RareKirby guy he seems like a prick and his friend is probably a lets player.

I loved this, great communal feeling. The art was simple, but effective, and while it wasn't BRILLIANTLY ANIMATED like that dude below me seems to think everything needs to be, it still told the story in an engaging way. The stories were great, the humour was solid, this was just a great quaint little toon celebrating newgrounds and it was great. You're great.

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It felt really boring and uninspired, sorry but it just wasn't fun for me.

Also what's up with the forest level..? It makes you start at the top and make a path to the house, only to have the monsters come from the bottom left and go directly to you...


im feeling kinda lazy so sorry for no depth in this review

The art is horrible, looks like most of it was drawn with the shape tool, or atleast in 5 minutes. Same deal with the animation...isn't very smooth. The voice acting was decent, nothing special but hey, pretty darn good at parts...but otherwise kind of lacking. The only good thing (IMO) in this game is the music. It's really quite good

For the gameplay side, well, i didnt play much of this game, but from what i did play it wasn't too good. Sticky controls -i know that there is a way to solve it but still the fact that it's there in the first place...- kinda ruin the experience. And if they aren't sticking they are just full on not respoding.

I dont know, i can tell you put a lot of work into this in terms of trying to make it a bit more cinematic instead of ,like everyy other flash game on NG, a "just shoot shit up who cares about storyline" feel...which isnt always a bad thing, but whatever you know what i mean.

All in all it just felt like it had a lot of potential. I'm not saying the game is the worst flash game i've ever played but it wasn't the best either...

No one would have blamed you if you took an extra month off to polish it up


Hey pretty awesome game, BUT i think i should let you know about a few bugs that i found...

First... i dont know why, but its fuckin' impossible to catch a pikachu. Is it suppose to be like this? Because even when they have a little sliver of health left the pokeball will not even open when i put it on one.

Second, on the pewter gym level somethig weird happened:

To test something out, i put every pokemon in my party on one side of the gym without splitting them up. After about halfway through (i guess when the last of the pokeballs on the left side were taken) all the pokemon just stopped coming to the right side (where all my pokemon were placed)
Then it got to wave 9. And i swear, wave 9 lasted about 10 minutes...10 minutes of every single geodude and sandshrew going to the left side, then turning around and going back.

After that long wave ended, it got to the onix fight. The onix on the right took the last pokeball i was defending and went up. I thought i lost, but then he came back down and went to the right again. After going back up he came back down AGAIN and went to the left this time. ( i quickly moved some pokemon to the left to finish him off and won but i can tell ya) it was the strangest level that i played on this game

you may wanna look into that...

Other than that the game was fun, and had a awesome sense of nostalgia. Really felt like a pokemon spin off. :D

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Dude man bro, this is great! The progression and just overall feel of the track was really well done. Loved the little vocal chops.

Kabalist responds:

Thank you so much! I'm pleased with how simple the track became, and I'm glad to hear other people enjoy it too. The vocals are cut from a Swedish fairytale called "Ronja Rövardotter".

Take care!


Fuck man, I really liked this. Had a nice style, the glitching was pretty interesting though to be honest I'm going to have to agree with the guy below me in that there could have been a bit more variation in the bass at those parts epescially other than that one wobble. I really liked the build up though, and the effect on the snare when it first comes in is so cool sounding. I feel like it ends a bit too abruptly, but that's just me. Otherwise this is a pretty awesome track overall.

SkyeWint responds:

Yeah, could have been more variation. It's harder to make wobbles than you'd think! I also did want it to have some consistency, so there would be one sound that was recognizable.

The snare is two samples layered together (four samples total, since there are two different snares. One has a slightly different tone), one triggered right before the other to give it a bit of a lead-in.

Ending being abrupt is unsurprising. Got through the dubstep part, thought that the contest deadline was 24 hours before what it actually was, made this ending, then learned it was 24 hours later and couldn't think up a better one in time. So... poop.

Despite the flaws, though, I feel satisfied with this. I'm glad you like it, too. ^_^ Several ideas for the next rounds too, assuming we get in. Here's hoping!

This is really great man, I love the way it progresses, it's not just a formulaic electronic song. My only suggestion would be to change it up in the first dubsteppy section of the song, like for example making the first note be played by a different patch than the rest, just for some variety in the bass because as much as I liked that part, it got kind of old pretty fast. It could stand to be messed with a little, but all in all I really liked this track. Awesome job.

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Yooooooooooo this is amazing. I'm honestly blow away by how awesomely twisted this.

Are those things down the side of the middle pieces of flesh sliced in half with eyelids? Is that his spine coming out of his leg?

I don't even know but its fucking brilliant. Such a fantastically disturbing atmosphere.

Gotta love Jae. Nice job Emrox.


i donno its really well done, i love the colours and such but the face really bothers me. It seems too old for the chil-like body

Thats my only beef with it, otherwise AMAZING JOB

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