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Actually fun fact when you spank a cat's butt the vibrations stimulate the cat's prostate so you can actually make a cat cum by patting their butts. It's like a whole genre of video on YouTube.

Please remake this video with that in mind. Thank

Wow, man. The writing, animation, and voice acting was all incredibly well done! I'm seriously blown away by the quality of this, you've come a long way to say the least.

Anyway great job all around. Can't wait to see where the series goes!

Fuck that RareKirby guy he seems like a prick and his friend is probably a lets player.

I loved this, great communal feeling. The art was simple, but effective, and while it wasn't BRILLIANTLY ANIMATED like that dude below me seems to think everything needs to be, it still told the story in an engaging way. The stories were great, the humour was solid, this was just a great quaint little toon celebrating newgrounds and it was great. You're great.

This was great man I loved seeing your progression and all the different ways you experimented with perspective and character.

You're going to go on to be an amazing animator, hell you already are incredibly good. You definitely have a solid FOOTING in the medium (sorry I had to).

Great job man!

Jesus fuck you've progressed so much since I last watched your animations. The animation and art style was amazing and the writing wasn't too bad either, loved the sloth.

You're really shaping up to be the next Hualoloo or whatever the fuck his name was...actually not fuck that you're already miles better than he was. Would love to see a more serious action-based animation from you at some point.

Just a great job all around.

If SpeedoSausage and SickAnimation fucked, you'd be their disturbed little child. Great job.

Haha that was pretty great man. Short and sweet.

Loved the artstyle, loved the animation. Well done all around.

Pretty good, though I don't really get it. For some reason kinect brings you into a virtual lounge?

Also that loop needs some touching up, I'm sorry. I don't want to shit on your parade, but she's doing "the kick" walk. Needs a few more frames of her left leg going forward and then coming down, it kind of just stops like she's limping. Also the bounce is a little off.

But dat ass doe.

WooleyWorld responds:

No, you can't end with 'dat ass doe' and expect everything to be alright. :,1
How dare you?

The writing and voice and everything was fine but it looks like you didn't even try to lip sync it. It's choppy, and it's just him opening and closing without ever changing shape.

What's the deal man? The other ones were great and the lip sync was pretty much spot on.

Really great. I never really played Crash Bandicoot games when I was younger so I didn't really "get" it, but this animation was still really well done. It was smooth, and had personality, the same goes for your art style. All around great production, and a cute little storyline to go along with it.

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